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Supporting investigative journalists to uncover cross-border corruption and write about asset recovery


In recent years journalists have been at the forefront of exposing the systems that have allowed cross-border corruption to occur – with the Panama Papers last year exposing the ways leaders from across the world used tax havens to hide their wealth and showing the huge impact that investigative journalists can have in exposing assets that have been hidden, in identifying the systems used to hide those assets, and in putting pressure on governments to act.

As a civil society organization committed to fighting against public asset theft and for asset recovery, supporting journalists to carry out independent investigations into political corruption is one of our core concerns. Journalists should be provided with the skills and have the freedom to expose these cases and the developments around the return of any money.

At CiFAR our goal is not only to support civil society organisations to work better and more collaboratively across borders, but also to build broad-based coalitions of all members of civil society to fight against public asset theft and for the recovery of stolen assets. We’re working to make the links between civil society organisations and investigative journalists stronger, as well as providing the means to give voice to investigative journalism not currently represented in discussions on public asset theft and recovery.

This website was created as part of the project Investigate the Mediterranean, which was supported by German Cooperation, implemented by the GIZ.

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