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The Libyan Patient

By Samuel Acker und Suliman Ali Zway

Patients coming from a civil war and hoping for medical care. Large quantities of public money provided by partially corrupt State bodies. German hospitals and medical service providers who want a piece of the action. COSMO research’s “The Libyan patient” makes a stark accusation: Have German clinics deliberately overcharged patients from a war zone?

Germany and Libya – two countries that at first glance could not be more different. Germany: A democratic constitutional state, with a thriving economy and, according to the Foreign Ministry, the support “peace and security” in the world. Further, a transparent country, which narrowly missed out on being in the top ten in the last Transparency International ranking.

Libya, on the other hand, is a failed state, with two governments struggling for international recognition, and dozens of armed militias fighting for individual cities. And, according to Transparency International, one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

In fact, these two states are more connected than you might think. Not only because Libya is currently receiving tens of millions of euros from the EU (and thus also Germany) in order to prevent refugees from making their way to Europe via the desert and across the Mediterranean, but also because a project that was supposed to help thousands of Libyan patients as well as German hospitals, but ultimately left them picking up the pieces, is still being discussed in Libyan politics.

Read more (in German) “Haben deutsche Kliniken bei libyschen Patienten getrickst?”

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